The Oscillating Revenge of the Background Instruments

‘As soloists, we all struggle to free our instruments from the limitations that they are associated with, and as a band we feel strengthened in this ongoing battle. We have spent a lot of time on the performance practices of progressive rock/metal, and have in that way managed to broaden the horizons of our instruments.

While Marijn was looking for the right size of oil vessel to make an aggressive sound that still doesn’t blow the bass and bassoon out of the studio, I spent hours refining the art of shouting through the bassoon to find the rugged sound suitable for the outbursts of Robert Plant in Led Zeppelin’s Since I’ve been loving you.

Rick has pushed the limits of the double bass to where no finger board supports the fingers and no bow has ever touched the strings before, while the three of us have been coached by our brilliant Hammond player Sven, the only real blues/rock musician in the band, and the one who ensured the presence of the rock feeling and flow.’

(From liner notes by Bram van Sambeek)


‘All four form a fantastic rhythm section, playing their solo parts with a vengeance. Metallica’s bouncing riffs, Alkaloid’s menacing death metal. Little pearls are Pink Floyd’s melancholic Hey you and the raving mad double bass solo of Emil Tabakov’s Motivy.’

– NRC ****